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Making Magazine Covers in Publisher

There were 840 pedalcyclist deaths in 2016, which accounted for 2.2 percent of all traffic fatalities during the year.

• Seventy one percent of pedalcyclists who died in motor vehicle crashes in 2016 died in crashes in urban areas.

• From 2007 to 2016, the average age of pedalcyclists killed in motor vehicle crashes increased from 40 to 46.

• The pedalcyclist fatality rate per million people was 5.6 times higher for males than females in 2016.

• Alcohol involvement—either for the motor vehicle operator or for the pedalcyclist—was reported in 35 percent of all fatal pedalcyclist crashes in 2016.

• More than 26 percent of the pedalcyclists who died in 2016 had blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) of .01 g/dL or greater

Envision your future!

​Claim your greatness!

Earth U response

Does traffic stop for bananas? What is sustainability? How do the agricultural university students in PBS News Hour Costa Rica's Earth U look to change the world?


6th six weeks

Week 1 - Public service announcement

Week 2 - Dream Home Assignment - Excel

Week 3 - Dream car assignment - Excel

Week 4 - *Persuasive presentation
Week 5 - *Informative presentation 

Complete the crossword before uploading it to focus.




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One of the largest cases involving copyright infringement was that of Kim Dotcom.

Think of a case that you researched or remember involving copyright infringement, fair use, or online harassment.  

Share the details of the case in the case research document. 

Civil and Criminal cases have two parties: the Plaintiff and the Defendant...

The one that brings the case to trial is the plaintiff. The burden of proof is always with the plaintiff.

Famous cases 

Famous cases involving infringement include Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams Blurred Lines, Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby, and Nirvana's Smells like Ten Spirit.

Other famous cases involving online harassment include Amanda Todd, Jessica Logan, and Megan Meier...

Share one that affected you. 

Be prepared to share how it changed your outlook on life...

Great ideas to make movies using windows movie maker

*Organizing clips


*Adding music

​*adding text

Movie Maker




are programs used for the public service announcement!!

Famous Historical Speeches: An Analysis in perspective!

All About me video

Baby step 1

Understand the outline and make a plan

Baby step 2 Get computer ready

Baby step 3

Collect images, video, and audio for presentation...


Do you consider Amazon a great investment?

Take notes during the documentary and be prepared to discuss its strengths and weaknesses.

Do they have good customers service?

Do they treat their employees well?

Are the ethical when dealing with business partners?

Does their presence in E-Commerce add value?

If they add value to E-commerce, how can you benefit financially?

Public Service Announcement theme: Examples follow below...

Human Rights

Apple Suicides

Water Conservation

Nke worker rights

Modern Day Slavery

Saving your money is an important responsibility that you should take serious.

If you save your money now, your money will save you later. 

Would you rather be healthy or wealthy?

It does not matter how much money you have if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it.

Saving money can leave you better prepared to deal with an emergency in the future.

It can lead to a happier and less stressful life later if you are financially independent and debt free.

Financially responsible people are more attractive.

Complete the simulation and envision your future self as a responsible adult.

What advice would your future self tell you to do differently today?

Nike Marketing, Advertising, and Mass Production

*Using only marketing and advertising companies can create demand and influence popularity of their products.

*Michael Jordan helped transform a shoe company idea into a massive marketing empire...

*Provide 25 lines of text in your notes.

*Go to Nike' 10-K or annual report. Determine and provide annual revenue and gross profit margins. How much is that per month/week/day/hour/minute/second?

3rd six weeks

Assignment data files in focus

Public service announcement

TriFold Brochure in publisher

Business letter template assignment

Dream Home Assignment - Excel

Dream car assignment - Excel

Current Event Analysis

*Persuasive presentation
*Informative presentation 

Final Exam Review

Final Exam



Jing (like Camtasia but a plugin)




Doceri-share / screencast mobile devices

Worked well...

Videos and online help reduce repetition, e.g. absence, tardy, OCI, ISS...
Kahoot promotes engagement and competition...

Challenges still ahead...(speed bumps)
Learning new software - steps, mouse clicks, difficult without peer assisted guidance...
Holding all students to the same expectations does not work- we must respond to individual needs especially intrinsic benefits (WTF? should I do this?)
Make your own content.
Be content creator not content consumer... 

Public Service Announcement

Exercise Caution when biking and driving

Wear a helmet to protect your head

Stay Alert and Stay alive

 and bright 

Dream Home Activity

Welcome to ItsMrSanders.Com

Complete the dream car assignment and keep it under $30,000

I will explain why...

*Live Presentation

*Presentation Speech 

*Dream Home Assignment

*How to presentation

*Persuasive presentation

*Informative presentation